Welcome to Eibel Appraisal Service! 

We are committed to providing high quality, fast turn-time, professional  residential appraisal reports that meet all USPAP and HUD guidelines. 

We are currently performing residential real estate reports in the following Kentucky Counties:      

  •      Bullitt County, KY
  •      Hardin County, KY
  •      Jefferson County, KY
  •      Nelson County, KY
  •      Oldham County, KY
  •      Shelby County, KY
  •      Spencer County, KY 

We provide:     

  •      FHA / HUD Approved  (FHA # KY003785)
  •      24 Hour Turn Time Service
  •      Online Ordering and Tracking
  •      Single Family Residential Reports
  •      2-4 Family Multi-Unit Property Reports
  •      Form 2055 "Drive-By" Reports
  •      Condo Properties
  •      Field & Desk Review Reports
  •      Competitive Pricing 

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Phone:  502-299-6480

Fax: 502-231-0229

E-mail:  craig@eibelappraisalservice.com